Rex Ryan's Wednesday Press Conference

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On if the third year serves as a milestone for an NFL quarterback…

It seems like it really does, because you’re flying by the seat of your pants as a rookie. The second year you’ve now kind of grasped your system a little bit and maybe start to recognize some defenses. Now you put it all together. I think that is, I’ve never studied it, but I would assume that you hit that third year, you pretty much know what you have after that.

On how he feels about this team compared to the one he brought to the 2010 AFC Championship Game…

I think both teams, I was confident with both teams. There’s no doubt. I think we were a little beat up heading into Pittsburgh, where we were relatively healthy. We’ve lost a couple good football players, Rob Turner and obviously Logan Payne are out with injuries, but we feel pretty healthy and we’re fresh. We’re ready to roll. We should be popping out of our skin come Sunday night.

On what he thinks about the 2011 roster…

I love this roster. You look at it, there’s no excuses. We feel great about it. We have some depth in some areas that maybe we were a little thin at last year. The fact that when you look at the defense, we bring back 10 starters from a pretty good defense, and some key guys, it’s hard to get better than that. And then on offense, yes, we knew we were going to lose some guys, but we added some veteran players that I think are smart. They’ll catch on and I think we should be rolling.

On if he went into the offseason knowing that it was unlikely to get everyone from 2010 back…

Yes, we would have said all along that we would have loved to have that team back. There’s no doubt we would have loved to have that team back, and we knew that there’d be changes. But when the rules played out the way they were, when free agency started, we had 19 unsigned free agents and the job that Mike Tannenbaum and Ari [Nissim] and Jackie [Davidson] and all those people upstairs did to get this football team, like we say, we have no excuses. We get to play, we get to prove it and I feel great about the talent that we have on our roster, and the chemistry we have as well.

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