Jets stay away from Cutler… BEST MOVE OF THE OFFSEASON!!! Plus Draft!!!

Mike Tannenbaum may have made one of the best decisions of his career by staying away from franchising this organization on the disgruntled QB from Denver. While I think Cutler will have a fine career in Chicago, 2 first round picks, your starting QB, and a 3rd rounder is way too much to pay when you’re trying to build a championship team.

The Jets have shown me with this non-move that they are committed to Rex Ryan’s philosophy of building this team from the inside out. With that said, I think they are going to be big news come draft day!!! The Jets have made a huge committment to the defensive side of the ball this offseason, which leads me to believe they are primed to make a enhance the offensive side of the ball in this draft.

With the 17th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft the New York Jets select…. QB Josh Freeman…

From Manhattan, Kansas to Manhattan, NY Josh Freeman is too good to pass up for Mike Tannenbaum and the rest of the Jets brass. The kid comes from a football family. His father was a pro in the USFL, so he knows what it takes to perform at an elite level. Freeman, who stands at 6’6, 250 should have no problem standing up to the winds in New Jersey. Freeman is also deceptively fast in the pocket. While he won’t be leading the team in rushing, he has a Big Ben “esque” ability to shake defenders and deliver the ball downfield. Freeman will most certainly learn under either Clemens or Ratliff for a while and will have a chance to learn in practice against one of the best defensive minds in the game. Rex Ryan’s system should challenge Freeman to make quick decisions which should prepare him for battle. While the other 2 QB’s in this draft are more polished at this point, Freeman might have the most upside of any PLAYER in the entire draft. The Jets will make the splash here because this draft is loaded with talented WR’s and they should be able to land a good one in round 2. 

The Jets will then look to add some RB depth for the dynamic duo as well as some offensive line depth. They will also focus on finding a blocking TE if the price is right. The Jets are strapped with only 6 picks in this one so I don’t anticipate much movement at this point. Well done guys, this season just got more exciting!

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  • Nick

    Haha. Clearly you’ve never seen Josh Freeman play. He doesn’t ever make quick decisions.

  • KevinF

    No way Freeman is going that soon.

    he’s a 2nd/3rd round pick.

  • Jay

    I’d rather NOT stick another QB to make the jets a team of 4 qbs. Not only that QBs in the first round require alot of investment and salary cap space is wasted on a guy who’s fresh off of college looking to “learn the system.” I’d rather draft a WR or two.

    As of right now I believe that Kellen Clemmens realy has what it takes to be a starter. I know 2007 wasn’t the best time to be a jet fan, and I know his stats are terrible as of right now, but he was under the worst offensive line. Now they’ve improved and I”d like to see him do well. Plus he’s on his last year of his contract, this forces him to play well in order to have a future with other times. If he has a breakout I wouldn’t be suprised if the Jets franchise him.

  • Brad

    #1, I have seen Freeman play… very much like Big Ben who also doesn’t make quick decisions. He uses his legs to buy time. My point was with some time to practice against a fast defense, that can develop.

    As far as where Freeman is going, I’m surprised you feel that way Kevin. As the #3 QB in this draft and the other two expected to go in the top 10, I’m surprised you feel that way. I guess he could fall, but with his size and upside, someone will take the chance.

    Jay, I agree. Clemens nor Pennington ever got a fair shake. The Jets finally got a running game, offensive line, and defense and then let Pennington go… Big Mistake. I think Clemens will do well this year, if not Ratliff will get a shot. Regardless of who is at the position, the Jets will most certainly be running A LOT, so it might not matter. The Jets also have a brutal schedule this year, so whoever is in there is going to have a tough time.

    I’ve wrote before that I personnally am not sold on Freeman either, but apparently the Jets are. I didn’t want Cutler at all, but I was convinced if they didn’t get him they would probably draft a QB. I’ve wrote on this blog that I love Percy Harvin and think he’ll be a star in this league… Love him way more than Heyward-Bey, but I’m writing about what I think the Jets will ultimately do. This network just put out it’s Mock Draft which I’ll post soon, and regardless of what I think, I believe the Jets will grab Freeman if he’s there.

  • Kevin Huxford

    Completely disagree on Cutler. While I’d not have been happy if the Jets mortgaged the future in the same way the Bears did, I think that Cutler would have been a great addition to the team. Trading this year’s 1st, one of the QBs on the roster and maybe a 2nd or 3rd from next year would have been fine by me.

    Look at it this way: you’re arguing for the drafting of Josh Freeman because you THINK he is like Big Ben and can LEARN to deal with faster defenses, while we KNOW that Cutler has performed at a Pro Bowl level already. When part of your argument for drafting Freeman in the first round is that he comes from a pro football family, citing the USFL (!!!!) as the family pedigree, you really make there be no need for a counter argument. ;)

    I think the Jets are best off going with Ratliff or Ainge at QB, if they’re resigned to going with a strong defense and running game, while being happy if they at least get a game manager at QB. I think Clemens (like Browning Nagle in the past) had the talent, but his psyche was probably ruined by the Favre trade.

    I’m surprised they haven’t shown themselves to be in the market for a WR by trade or free agent signing of Torry Holt. Even on the downside of his career, Holt would be an improvement to the WR corps. While I still don’t think the Jets would have a true #1, at least they’d have two definite #2 WRs going into the season.

  • Brad

    Sorry man, just laughed a little bit. While you make some great points, the Cutler point I’m a little confused about. I agree with you, if the Broncos would’ve accepted a 1st and a QB and a 2nd or 3rd, there probably would’ve had 30 teams making offers… We knew they required 2 first’s and a QB minimum. Believe me, if I could pay 20K for a Ferrari, I would do that as well.

    This was obviously my fault. I sometimes assume people read this blog all the time and I guess I messed up. I’ve been writing about the Jets going after Percy Harvin in the first round and going with an in house QB for months now.

    Because this network just did a mock draft which will be posted soon, I had to pick what I believe the Jets will do, not what I wanted them to do. I do believe Freeman will end up the best QB of this draft, it will take time.

    As far as the pedigree comment. Let’s be real. When’s the last great QB that has come as a child of another great QB (not named Manning)… A lot of heady players in the league come from football families where their fathers are either coaches or players. They are around the game from a young age, which usually makes them better players…. so seriously the USFL comment is perfectly logical.

    I agree with the Clemens comment. He was thrown to the wolves behind one of the worst O-lines this team has had in years. Both he, Pennington and Thomas Jones had no chance. That was obvious after this year.

    As far as Torry Holt is concerned, there is growing concern that his knees won’t hold up for a game, let alone a season. I’m just not sure it’s smart for what he’ll cost. There will be good receivers in this draft as late as the 4th round where the Jets have made a living.

    As far as Cutler, yes, he has played at a Pro Bowl level, but he hasn’t won and there is growing concern that he is selfish. Kerry Rhodes came out and said the team didn’t want him there, especially for that price. The system doesn’t fit the guy, just like it didn’t fit Favre. This system is fit for a precision guy like a Brees or Brady. Regardless, the Bears are a good fit for him.

    I definitely think your on point with Ratliff and Ainge. Both have all the ability in the world and I’d like to see them get a chance. Regardless this season’s schedule is brutal, so it should take at least 2 years to make this thing happen. We might as well find out what we got, unless they are completely sold on Freeman. Some scouts believe this will go down as the “Josh Freeman” draft. We’ll see… Tampa Bay might be the team that grabs him….