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There are going to be many people that place a lot of value on Saturday’s action against the Skins. In reality though, this game will be much more telling for QB’s 2 and 3, then it will be for #4! It’s obvious that all Jets fans will be excited to see Brett Favre in his first action, and I’m sure it will be all over the news. Lets be serious though, there is no way this staff will put too much on Favre for this game. He’s a vet, and there’s no need to put a 38 year old guy through the wash whether or not the public would like to see it. The first cuts for both squads are coming up soon and there’s no reason to keep the starters out there for an extended period of time. Brett Favre needs to get his legs under him first, and from all practice accounts, he hasn’t yet which is totally understandable. Favre has plenty of experience to draw from, and it’s more important for him to be confident and fresh for week 1, than to make a spectacular premiere in the preseason. The staff needs to make sure they don’t get carried away with the TV hype. Some of us actually enjoy watching the bubble guys compete. Plus, what’s looking like a serious battle between Clemens and the other “Brett” is starting to get very interesting!\

This game looks like it might be the last chance for 5th round pick Erik Ainge, if he gets a real chance at all! Ainge probably has more potential than Kellen Clemens, but the Jets would be crazy to keep two rooks on the squad, though if there is anyway to keep 4 QB’s it would be great. Unfortunately spots are limited. I’m also interested to check out the RB depth especially because there is a good chance that either Musa Smith or Jesse Chatman will be gone due to the addition of Justin Green. There are plenty of guys who are making plays on both sides of the ball in practice, but the reality is there are ultimately only 53 spots. These preseason games need to be about those guys, not Brett (Favre, that is).  Most starters are on somewhat of a leash around the league and Mangini and his staff must stick to their guns regardless of the media coverage.

This preseason has been crazy so far. At the beginning of camp many people thought Kellen Clemens was the front runner for the #1 QB spot, now he might be demoted to 3! We are seeing this roster jockeying at a couple of key positions and these preseason games will be a huge barometer for who is on the field in Miami Week 1. I’m sure I’m one of the only people that feel this way, but I’m looking forward to quarters 2-4 way more than quarter 1! That’s the only reason to watch preseason in my opinion.

I’ll leave you guys with this: I rarely lay any action on the preseason, let alone on the Jets. I have been watching the Redskins pretty closely and they are extremely slim past their starters. They had to play the Hall of Fame game and their staff won’t take any chances in playing anyone of real value in this contest. With that said, the Jets are a 3 and 1/2 point favorite for this one, and as much as I believe the preseason should never be wagered on, this one is too good to pass up! The Skins will have their starters out quick, and the Jets, who have been working so hard top to bottom are extremely deep (yup, I said it)!  Also, the Jets have serious competition at a lot of positions and this game will allow these guys to battle it out! I’m buying the half a point and watching Gang Green continue their practice intensity onto the field Saturday!!! The stadium will be packed and louder than most preseason games I’ve ever seen, and I have to believe that will rub off on our guys top to bottom!!! Chi-Ching!!!


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  • Brad Cotter

    You got that right!!! I’ll also lay huge WEEK 1 vs. the WEAK Dolphins!!! If you read the whole thing, I suggested that normally this is a terrible practice, wagering on your squad, especially in preseason… but this isn’t a normal preseason game. It hasn’t been placed on National television because it’s a normal preseason game. The Tickets on Stub Hub aren’t out of control because it’s a normal preseason game. 90 % of NFL fans will be watching, because this isn’t a normal preseason game. The Favre hype has been splattered all over the TV for a ridiculous amount of time, and I don’t see any way the Jets won’t have something extra in the tank for this one!

    You are right though… only a Jet fan would bet on preseason, because only Jet Fans are so passionate and want our team to win so bad that we’re crazy enough to do so, even in the preseason. Don’t be sore because you lost money 15 of 16 weeks last year! It happens… at least you have the Marlins :)

  • Brad Cotter

    And did I really hear a Dolphin Fan talk about winning when it counts? Granted the Jets were terrible last year, thank god your Phins were there to give us at least two easy games. Also I believe the Jets have been in the Playoffs 4 of the last 7 years, while the Dolphins have made the postseason once over that span? Winning when it counts? Apparently only 1 game counted last year for you guys? Lucky for you, Chad Pennington should upgrade you guys to at least 4 or 5 wins this year… he’s one of my favorites and it’s tough to see him in Florida, with that said, you guys are going down pal!!! See ya Week 1!!!! :)

  • Brad Cotter

    J-E-T-S!!! JETS!!! JETS!!! JETS!!!

  • Brad Cotter

    Apparantely, Mike Nugent had a little Chi-Ching on this game as well… luckily it was small, as I said in the article, it’s not smart to bet on preseason, let alone the Jets… We just never learn… Another Jets disappointment… Big Surprise! At least the First team looked decent, though the run D was still suspect… In the words of Brian McNamee….  “it is what it is”… Good Night!