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Jets still have questions at tight end


While it would appear the Jets have improved this offseason and have a lot to look forward to in 2016, they still have questions at tight end.

The tight end position can be an integral part of an offense as showcased by the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers among others. The New York Jets have had struggles at tight end for quite some time and tight end coach Jimmie Johnson will look to improve the situation heading into the regular season.

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The Jets have struggled mightily to find a game changing tight end and with the quarterback situation in doubt, a reliable tight end could be huge for the offense. However, obtaining an impact player at any position is easier said than done.

Jets fans and coaches are hoping that Jace Amaro can be that game changing tight end the team have been searching for. Amaro has the tools physically, standing at 6’5” and weighing over 260 lbs.

He was a standout at Texas Tech and has the ability to spread the field alongside wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. However, injuries slowed him down in 2015 and when he has been healthy, he hasn’t shown much in terms of production.

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Outside of Amaro, the Jets appear to not have put a lot of emphasis on the tight end position.

They have relied on play-makers at other positions but we have seen how influential a tight end can be on an offense.

The best tight ends are the ultimate mismatch for defenses and can help ease the maturation process of the young quarterbacks of the Jets.

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Overall, this is a make or break year for Amaro and if he doesn’t have the breakout year Jets fans are hoping for, some tight ends they should watch in 2016 include O.J Howard from Alabama, Jake Butt from Michigan and Jordan Leggett from Clemson. If he’s not the answer yet again, it might be time the Jets draft his replacement next year.