NY Jets Video: Brandon Marshall coaches Rich Eisen

Property of The Brand Amp, used courtesy and with permission exclusively for TheJetPress.com
Property of The Brand Amp, used courtesy and with permission exclusively for TheJetPress.com /

The NY Jets are always there to help whenever someone needs it. In this case, NFL Network’s Rich Eisen seeked the help of wide receiver Brandon Marshall to get ready for something amazing.

Running the 40-yard dash in 6.10 seconds is nothing to write home about if you’re a budding NFL star trying to make a name for yourself at the 2016 NFL Combine. Every year, a ton of top college prospects are on display in front of scouts, general managers and coaches ready to leave an imprint as to why they should be selected at the 2016 NFL Draft.

But for Rich Eisen, host of The Rich Eisen Show on AT&T’s Audience Network and face of NFL Network, a 6.10 is exactly the time he’s looking to beat. On Sunday, Lucas Oil Stadium will host the 11th annual #RunRichRun 40-yard dash where he’ll attempt to shatter his previous record (5.98 set in 2014), while donating all proceeds of the campaign to St. Jude Hospital for child cancer research.

Unlike year’s past, Rich decided to avoid going into the race cold turkey and enlisted the help of the Jets very own Brandon Marshall as his personal 40-yard dash coach in an effort to raise the bar and shatter his personal best time.

Take a look below as both Marshall and Eisen prepare for the 40-yard dash on the El Segundo campus earlier this week. These videos are courtesy of DIRECTV/AT&T and used by permission:

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Overall, it’s great to see Marshall show Eisen all the tricks of the trade he’s learned in his prolific career. We here at The Jet Press wish Eisen nothing but the best as we believe he’ll shatter his 5.98 previous record and do so for a very amazing cause. We’ll be tuning in Rich as Jets Nation is behind you!