NY Jets: Time to take care of business


It’s time for the NY Jets to take care of business as they control their destiny heading into their season finale with everything on the line.

To have control of your playoff destiny is indeed a beautiful thing. Many teams would love to have the ability to simply “win and get in” that the Jets do when it comes to their last game of the season that completely determines if they’re in the NFL Playoffs or not.

The Jets have worked incredibly hard this season to not only have a rebounding year compared to 2014 but make it a successful one with a ticket into the postseason. Accomplishing many things this season, the Jets have many positives so far but not as great as beating the Buffalo Bills and carrying that momentum straight into the playoffs.

It’s an incredible story line heading into Buffalo considering all the angles with Rex Ryan, the losing season of the Bills and of course, how they’d love to play spoiler against the Jets to end the season on a sour note for Gang Green.

Something tells me and countless others of Jets Nation however that this team is ready to fight. They’re ready to make some noise and they believe they can indeed get the job done whether at home or on the road. Considering that they just beat the Super Bowl defending champion New England Patriots, they are definitely going into this game ready to leave victorious.

It’s all about taking care of business for the Jets. This is their moment and their time to shine. Even quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick shares the same sentiment. Here is what he had to say about the Jets controlling their destiny, courtesy of the Media Relations Department of the Jets:

It’s great, but we have to get the job done. We have to work hard this week and go to Buffalo with a million different story lines there. We have to win the game. (I’m) excited that that’s kind of figured out at this point that we do control our own destiny, but we have to take care of business.

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Overall, the Jets just need to stay focused and be prepared for anything. Ryan will surely bring everything he’s got just to ruin their playoff hopes but knowing how ready these Jets are going to be, they’ll be ready for anything he throws their way.