NY Jets: Hope can be a powerful weapon


The NY Jets need to win their season finale against the Buffalo Bills and they will have their ticket into the NFL Playoffs for the first time since 2010.

With one game left to go, the Jets are in a great position to not only beat the Bills on the road but also punch their ticket into the playoffs. It’s amazing what a year can do when a team has the right leadership in place that builds a quality and complete team from top to bottom.

Throughout the season, many positives have come out from the usual tone of negatives. Fans are giving up the mantra of “Same old Jets” because regardless of what happens against the Bills, this season will be remembered as a successful one. It’s one that is heading into the right direction and well, if they do beat the Bills and head into the playoffs, they can use hope as a powerful weapon all the way through.

I’ve always been a firm believer of hope. It’s one of those intangible weapons that can be the difference between winning or losing. It could be the determining factor whether you get three yards or 30 yards. Hope is something that both players and fans of the Jets should truly believe in heading into this season finale against the Bills.

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The Jets can definitely beat the Bills and be a dangerous team in the playoffs. I’ve seen this team emerge into a powerhouse on offense and defense and yes, they even corrected their issues on special teams. If they can put everything together and keep playing the way they have been during their five-game winning streak, this team is going to be a hard one to beat in games that mean everything in the postseason.