NY Jets: Todd Bowles continues to keep team in check


The NY Jets are heading into their final two games of the season with everything on the line. Head coach Todd Bowles continues to keep this team in check.

At this current moment, the Jets are 9-5 on the season and riding a strong four-game winning streak. It hasn’t been pretty as the Jets are far from perfect but they continue to never give up and keep chipping away against opponents straight to victory.

One constant theme has been everything Bowles has been instilling on the Jets since the moment he arrived. His culture built upon hard work, accountability and preaching to worry about the task at hand continues to work well with the entire organization.

I’ve always believed that great head coaches start with focusing on the little things and working across everything else in between. Considering that this is technically his first year ever as a head coach, Bowles has done a solid job so far and will only get better over time.

It usually takes about two to three years for a real head coaching discipline to be executed on all fronts as there is no doubt in my mind that Bowles has what it takes to continue making the Jets a contender for years to come. He keeps this team in check even when the going gets rough and sticks to the same message in taking everything one day and one week at a time.

Regardless what happens in the final two games of the regular season against the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills respectively, Bowles will continue to put his thumbprint on this team that they will do everything in their power to take care of business and win out. Whether they make the NFL Playoffs or not in this scenario remains to be seen, but again, he’ll keep this team focused now and well into the future.

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Whether it’s a halftime speech or post-game message after an ugly win, Bowles continues to keep these Jets grounded and in check. At the rate he’s going, once everything comes together and everything is clicking on all cylinders, there is no doubt in my mind that he’s exactly what this organization has needed for a very bright and positive future.