NY Jets: Team needs to capitalize on turnovers

By Michael Pallas

The NY Jets need to do a better job when their defense creates turnovers if they not only hope to make the NFL Playoffs but advance if they get in.

Todd Bowles was interviewed by ESPN Radio NY’s Bob Wischusen during the pre-game Saturday night.  He told Wischusen that 11-5 but not making the playoffs will not be considered a consolation.  He would consider the season a failure, and it would be.

Most experts and fans don’t consider the Jets a Super Bowl contender.  However, they do have a Super Bowl-type defense. The offense is playing well.  Eric Decker (10) and Brandon Marshall (11) have combined for a new Jets’ record of 21 touchdowns for the tandem.  Chris Ivory has averaged 4.1 yards per carry, along with 7 touchdowns on the year.

With that being said, one thing can be said about this offense.  They’re not taking advantage of all of their opportunities.

The Jets have forced 23 turnovers not resulting in either the immediate end of the game of a Jets kneel-down.  Off those turnovers, they have 13 scoreless drives, including one this past weekend against Dallas.

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It’s going to be a tough final two games at home against the New England Patriots and in Buffalo against the Bills.  If they make the playoffs, they will be a tough out.

Creating turnovers isn’t enough.  To win in the playoffs, the Jets will need to take advantage of their extra possessions, and they can even go all the way if they are able to force and take advantage of the turnovers.