NY Jets: Brandon Marshall makes NFL History

By Genna Preston

With the NY Jets this season, wide receiver Brandon Marshall made NFL history thanks to everything he brings to the table.

Every four years the Jets gear up to face their long time brothers the New York Giants. Fans watched Sunday’s game in anticipation as the two teams went into over-time. Upon a Giants missed field goal, the Jets won the game. This was going to change the history books as a team since the Jets hadn’t beat the Giants since 1993.

But, that wasn’t going to be the only history made that day. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall entered Week 13’s game just about 70 yards shy of reaching 1,000 yards this season. Well, he got those yards and made NFL history doing so. Sunday’s game allowed Marshall to reach over 1,000 yards on four different NFL teams.

Marshall’s first four seasons were played with the Denver Broncos. He then moved to the Miami Dolphins where he only played for two years before being traded to the Chicago Bears. After three years in Chicago, Marshall came to the Jets this past off-season.

He is the only wide receiver to go over 1,000 yards in a season on four different teams throughout their career. Tony Martin, Irving Fryar, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens have all come close; they all reached over 1,000 yards on three different teams.

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Marshall has not only set an NFL record but he has reached an all-time high in his football career, as many receivers only dream of coming close to these statistics. In his entire career, Marshall reached over 1,000 yards every season except his rookie year and in 2014 when he was injured; that’s eight seasons in total!

“Machine Marshall” is what he claims to be and has gone above and beyond during his NFL career. Luckily enough for other wide receivers, Marshall won’t be topping his record. Marshall has stated he plans on retiring as a member of the Jets once his time comes to call it quits.