NY Jets: All or nothing for Ryan Fitzpatrick this week


The NY Jets made a smart decision to stick with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick at least for one more week.

It’s no secret that the quarterback position is easily the most important one on a team. It dictates everything on offense and really is the main reason why most teams win or lose thanks to the arm of their quarterback. Due to a now two-game consecutive losing streak, the Jets need to turn things around and hope that Fitzpatrick can channel what worked well for the team earlier on this season.

Fitzpatrick hasn’t been able to be his usual consistent self and due to his decline in play has been a big reason why the Jets have lost their magic on offense. At the start of the season Fitzpatrick looked like the real deal and was doing very well under center. Now? It actually makes sense for his demotion in favor of Geno Smith if things keep going like this.

The past two weeks have been a disaster for Fitzpatrick who is also dealing with a thumb injury on his non-throwing hand due to not understanding the importance of sliding instead of taking some unnecessary hits. So far the past two weeks in losses to the Buffalo Bills and most recently the Houston Texans, Fitzpatrick totaled 409 passing yards on 34 completions for 3 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

There is no doubt questioning the heart of Fitzpatrick but there comes a point in time where a team must make a change at quarterback if the results continue to be the same. Truth of the matter is, while the Jets made the smart decision to stick with him at least for this week, it could be the last time Fitzpatrick keeps his starting job.

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If he puts up another dud of a performance and the Jets extend their losing streak to three consecutive games, there is no doubt the Jets will have no other choice but to see what they can salvage this season by making a switch in favor of Smith.

Overall, it’s up to Fitzpatrick to prove his worth and back up the decision of the Jets to show he can still deliver winning results. This could very well be his one last shot at maintaining his starting job status. Otherwise for yet another time in his career, Fitzpatrick will be on the sidelines as a backup once again.