NY Jets: Injuries continue to mount

By Paul A. Esden Jr.

The NY Jets (5-5) are continuing to spiral out of control as they not only lost but also had some key injuries.

The NY Jets (5-5) lost another game that could come back to haunt them later in the season and it wasn’t without a few key injuries. One of the leading storylines going into this one was how would quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick look post thumb surgery in his first game back.

Though after the game Fitzpatrick said there were no setbacks with his thumb, it was painfully apparent that it effected his play throughout the contest. The entire Jets game-plan revolved around what Fitzpatrick was comfortable with in terms of his injury. Unfortunately that has been a detriment to Chris Ivory and this Jets’ running game.

Ivory works best when he is running out of iso or pro-I where he can build a head of steam and evaluate the rushing lanes, not when he’s beside Fitzpatrick in the shotgun. In this game it was painfully evident that the shotgun running was affecting him and it cost this Jets team big.

Shocker, the Jets started the game slow offensively again as they’ve done all season. The Jets’ coaching staff is going to need to have a sit down and discuss whether a hobbled Fitzpatrick or a healthy Geno Smith gives this 5-5 team the best chance to win.

It may seem absurd to all the Smith-haters, but it’s a realistic conversation this Jets coaching staff needs to have. The Jets suffered some more key injuries during the game that could be long-lasting.

Jets injury update: Darrelle Revis has a concussion, Nick Mangold to have MRI on right hand. #nyj https://t.co/pDiZmZtbw7

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) November 22, 2015

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Darrelle Revis got schooled a few times by the versatile DeAndre Hopkins and the Jets’ offensive line suffered with the loss of Nick Mangold who suffered another injury. Depending on how things turn out, the Jets could be dealt with even more problems heading into their Week 12 match-up against the upcoming Miami Dolphins.

The Mangold injury was deemed a ‘serious’ laceration and Revis will have to go through the NFL’s mandated concussion protocol. This is a Jets team that has been struck by the injury bug all season long and more updates will come as we progress through the week. The Jets next game they will return home to play the Miami Dolphins for the 2nd time this season.