NY Jets: Todd Bowles already better than Rex Ryan


It’s only been about two months into the regular season, but the NY Jets have a much better coach at the helm in Todd Bowles compared to what they use to have with Rex Ryan

The NY Jets are 4-2 on the season and have handled adversity rather well. Compared to last season, the Jets are well-coached and poised to make some noise this season. They’ve had a nice start to the season and came very close to defeating the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots last week.

Back then, Ryan would always run his mouth and call his team a Super Bowl favorite without actually you know, getting the team to actually earn a spot in the big game by being consistent. It seemed as though every week, Ryan was giving great bulletin-board material to opposing teams instead of letting his team do all the talking on the field where it mattered most.

Bowles handles this team in a much better way and puts them in a successful direction. Check out this great video showcasing the kind of team Bowles has been molding since his arrival:

Meanwhile, Ryan’s current team, the Buffalo Bills, are already giving off many bad impressions. They’re 3-4 on the season as Ryan had to keep his mouth shut after guaranteeing victories and that his team would be the new “bullies” of the AFC East. You can’t bully anyone if you’re on a two-game losing streak.

Bowles has a quiet demeanor to him with a major amount of humbleness. Even when the Jets were winning games this season, he always kept this team grounded. Just a few weeks ago he preached accountability with penalties and since then, the Jets have dramatically cleaned them up.

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I absolutely love what Bowles brings to the table as he’s so far been better than Ryan in that he doesn’t need to ramble about his team going to the Super Bowl or talk about chasing Bill Belichick’s championship rings. He’s all about taking games one week at a time and making sure everyone sticks to the plan he set right from the start of his head coaching debut.