AFC East: Top Emoji from around division


Courtesy of SportsManias App Courtney Cohen

A new app brings some great Emoji for fans of every team in the AFC East that makes it fun to send to fellow football fans throughout the season

Every now and then, it’s good to take a break from the norm. We here at The Jet Press work endless hours bringing our readers a ton of coverage on our beloved NY Jets and it’s nice every once in a while to bring something different through a long NFL season.

Thanks to our friends at SportsManias, they made an incredible new app that adds a plethora of Emoji to your keyboard that will surely entertain your fellow football fans and enthusiasts everywhere. I’ve downloaded it and absolutely love it!

Whether you’re a diehard Jets fan, root for Big Blue or love the defending Super Bowl champ New England Patriots, this app has a ton of Emoji you can use no matter what your team allegiance is. I know for my fellow fantasy football writers, I’ve been sending them Emoji of what top players will get the most fantasy points this week.

Without further adieu, here are the top Emoji from this new app for all our fellow AFC East neighbors! Feel free to download it now and spread the word. Here’s a video showing some of the other Emoji that are currently available:

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Courtesy of SportsManias App, Courtney Cohen

5. Dan Campbell

Next: 4. Rex Ryan never changes

Courtesy of SportsManias App, Courtney Cohen

4. Rex Ryan

Next: 3. The party never stops with Gronk around

Courtesy of SportsManias App, Courtney Cohen

3. Rob Gronkowski

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Courtesy of SportsManias App, Courtney Cohen

2. Tom Brady

Next: 1. The evil Sith Lord of the AFC East

Courtesy of SportsManias App, Courtney Cohen

1. Bill Belichick