Video: What to expect out of Todd Bowles in 2015


New head coach Todd Bowles has so far said and done all the right things as he prepares for his first season running the show with the New York Jets. While expectations are high thanks to a brilliant offseason and a successful 2015 NFL Draft, it’s hard to predict what will transpire once Bowles leads this team throughout the regular season.

Our friends over at 120 Sports recently had a segment about what to expect out of Bowles heading into 2015. Take a look:

Needless to say, they are pretty accurate on the fact that while the Jets should field a top defense this upcoming season, truth of the matter is without a high-caliber quarterback running the offense, the team might not live up to the crazy hype they’ve generated so far this offseason.

Whether it’s Geno Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, no matter how good the Jets’ defense is, it might not be enough to become a playoff-contending team again. While many believe that defense wins championships, if you have sub-par play from quarterback, you can expect a huge amount of frustration due to not being able to keep those chains moving. A top defense eventually gets worn out and tired since they’re on the football field longer than they’re supposed to be.

The accountability and presence that Bowles brings to the Jets has so far been a refreshing change of pace from the previous regime. He knows how to keep his players in check and focused on the greater picture. He will definitely be tested this upcoming season if the Jets start to lose games and resemble their efforts of last year.

A rookie head coach can only take a team so far if they experience some bumps along the road. If the Jets’ offense can click on all cylinders and deliver, there is no telling how far they can go. If it starts to struggle and Smith or Fitzpatrick can’t seem to get the job done, Bowles’ first year on the job might not be as easy as many think it should be.

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