New York Jets: Expectations for Eric Decker in 2015


Last season, Eric Decker was the leading wide receiver for the New York Jets. He led the team in receiving yards at 962 and touchdowns at 5. He was thrown into the prime receiving role for the Jets and while he did put up some good numbers, was technically playing outside of his natural position. Decker thrives when in a No. 2 role on the depth chart as now thanks to the Jets acquiring wide receiver Brandon Marshall earlier this offseason, he should be able to go back and play a critical part in a supportive role. What should fans expect out of Decker in 2015?

It’s no secret that with Marshall now in the mix, Decker can step back and go back to being a top threat from inside the slot. Both receivers on the field should bode well for the Jets’ offense since it’ll keep opposing defenses guessing what is going to happen next.

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Considering that head coach Todd Bowles plans to keep a balanced approach on offense and Decker playing in a No. 2 receiving role, the Jets should be able to punch in more touchdowns on long drives. Decker should also see an increase in his stats as he’s been known to really do well when executing running slant and seam routes from inside the slot.

While many believe that Decker’s numbers might actually dip thanks to Marshall having a primary role on offense, keep in mind that while with the Denver Broncos, Decker posted over 1,000 yards the past two seasons before he came to the Jets last year. While he doesn’t have Peyton Manning anymore, Decker still put up good numbers with both Geno Smith and Michael Vick throwing his way in 2014.

Overall, expect to see Decker thrive in his second season with the Jets. He lived up to his potential last year as a No. 1 option and now with a better supporting cast around him, should really push the envelope this time around playing in his preferred spot at No. 2.

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