Poll: Will Todd Bowles be successful in 2015?


Head coach Todd Bowles has so far done and said all the right things for the New York Jets. It’s truly hard to predict what will transpire once the regular season arrives and he starts to be a part of games that actually matter. On one hand, he’s been successful in everything he’s done in the past. On the other hand though, this will be his first true test at running the entire show as before, he was either an assistant coach or defensive coordinator. Now, it’s his time to shine or continue the mediocrity of an organization that’s been the Jets these past few years.

Compared to former head coach Rex Ryan, Bowles has a no-nonsense kind of presence. He expects a lot from his players and unlike Ryan, actually holds them accountable for their mistakes. If he continues to be consistent with it, there is no doubt he’ll be pretty successful from the start.

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Despite being a solid coach so far in his career, there is truly no telling how good or bad the Jets will be this upcoming season. If the Jets don’t live up to the potential and hype they’ve generating so far this offseason, things could get ugly real quick. If such events happen, it will be very interesting to see how he handles the adversity and challenges that has hasn’t face before.

What do you think, Jets Nation? Think Bowles will ultimately succeed in 2015 or needs more time to really raise the bar for the Jets in the future? Please leave your thoughts below so we can really get the conversation going!

Will Todd Bowles be successful in 2015?

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