NFL Draft 2015: New York Jets Trade Back with the Houston Texans

By Alan Schechter

Is it trader Mike?

The Jets have made a trade, moving out of the 70th pick, in a swap with the Houston Texans.  Here are the details:

It’s no surprise that the Jets made  a move like this.  Mike Maccagnan made it clear from moment one that the he wanted to move back at some point, and obtain additional picks.  He talked about how it gives more of a chance to get the team more talent, so the Jets making a move like this is no surprise.

You know my feeling.  It is important to any football team’s success to build through the draft.  All of the great teams make key free agent moves, but create sustainability through the draft.  Stockpiling draft picks is the way to go, and I am happy to see the Jets do it.

The Jets have some more work to do tonight, and now some more work to do tomorrow than originally planned as well.  Will the Jets address the quarterback position?  What about a pass rusher off the edge?  Keep it tuned, we will see what the Jets do soon enough.

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