2015 Fansided Editor Mock Draft: The New York Jets Select Amari Cooper

By Alan Schechter

It’s the night before the NFL draft, and we bring you a special mock draft to round out your evening.

For this mock, the Fansided NFL editors got together and created a mock draft across the network.  Each editor acted on behalf of their team and made their choice, and our director put it all together.

When it came time for the New York Jets to hit the clock, I chose Amari Cooper.  Here is my commentary from the full mock:

Fowler and Beasley are gone, the two players I covet most highly in this draft, as the Jet Press fan base knows. With the two quarterbacks gone, we aren’t going get a quarterback that will be ready to start week one, and can address the position later on. If you want to put your quarterback that you do have in the best position to win, what do you do? You give him weapons. Cooper will join Decker, Marshall, Kerley, and Amaro to form quite the receiving group

Take a look at the entire mock draft by clicking here.

First of all, Marcus Mariota was off the board after the second pick, putting that question off the table. Not that it phased me much, as you guys now how I feel about Mariota by now.

I didn’t want to go wide receiver here, but my two favorite pass rushers are gone. I was surprised that Vic Beasley went as high as three, but with him and Fowler gone, I went to my next option. I gave some thought to offensive line, but with both wide receivers still on the board, the temptation was too great to pass up.

Kevin White is still there, but I just felt that Amari Cooper is a bit more polished, and pro-ready. So Amari Cooper was the pick. What do you think?

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