2015 NFL Draft Prospect Shane Ray Arrested for Possession

By Alan Schechter

This news is not great for a potential New York Jets draft prospect.

Take a look at this tweet from sports writer Brandon Kiley, covering Shane Ray‘s alma mater, University of Missouri:

SCOOP: Shane Ray cited for possession of marijuana this morning in Cooper County, MO. http://t.co/iUOtxrxY8X pic.twitter.com/hpEIBYWoql

— Brandon Kiley (@BKSportsTalk) April 27, 2015

He was released with a citation and a court date. No further information is available at this time.

Entering the league with this on Shane Ray’s plate is not good. Ray could enter the league in Phase 1 of the NFL substance abuse program. If so, a second violation for Ray would cause him to receive a four game suspension addition to a fine.

This is a very bad move for Shane Ray heading into the draft, obviously. Besides the fact that he has the violation in his jacket, general managers will have to question Ray’s character, and his intelligence. Ray has to know that leading up to the NFL draft, anything he does would be under a microscope. Is it too much to ask to stay clean, and put yourself in the best light?

His character is clearly questionable, as is his intelligence. Who can guarantee that he can learn a pro scheme, when Shane Ray isn’t smart enough to stay out of trouble the week of the draft?

Bad news for Shane Ray.

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