New York Jets: Twitter Reaction to 2015 Schedule

By Alan Schechter

I asked, and Jets fans responded. Jets fans always have something to say about their football team. Not an hour of the day goes by without a conversation about the New York Jets on social media. Take to Twitter any time you want. #JetsTwitter is always alive and well with discussion.

So, following the schedule release, I took to Twitter, and asked which game that you, the Jets fans, are most interested in, and why. Here are the responses from you guys:

@TheJetPress @TalkJetsRadio the Eagles game. Our D vs one of the most dynamic offenses. And possibly vs. a rookie QB?!

— Maurisse (@MaurisseJ) April 22, 2015

@TheJetPress @TalkJetsRadio Always the Patriots since they are the yardstick for how good a team you are.

— Dave Pawlikowski (@PawlikowskiDave) April 22, 2015

Great point there by Dave. If ever there is a game that tells you how far you have come in the AFC East, it’s the Patriots.

@TheJetPress @TalkJetsRadio the Miami game in London, because I am goingg!!

— Kingsley Newman (@kingsleh) April 22, 2015

Good to see we will be represented in London.

@TheJetPress @TalkJetsRadio Eagles because those fans are all whining girls and the return of Rex. He’s very easy to hate as an opponent

— Dan (@dfuge1982) April 22, 2015

@TheJetPress Rex coming back to MetLife

— Matt Shaw (@ShiggadySays) April 22, 2015

That certainly will be a great night.

@TheJetPress can’t wait to see Revis and Cromartie cover Beckham Jr and Victor Cruz.

— Curtie (@The_True_Curtis) April 22, 2015

All are great answers. I can’t wait to see Rex come back to MetLife myself. Any time the Jets take on the Giants, it is always fun.

I will close with an answer I think that all of us can relate to:

@TheJetPress all of them, cause I miss football.

— MileHighJetsFan (@jetsfan29) April 22, 2015

There was never a more accurate answer than that.

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