Curtis Martin Thinks New York Jets Will Challenge Patriots, Despite the QB

By Alan Schechter

The guy in the picture above needs no introduction. Curtis Martin is one of the top five players ever to wear the Jets uniform, and is beloved amongst Jets fans near and far. Why wouldn’t he be? He became a revered figure after coming over from the Patriots, rushing for over 1,000 yards every year until the injury that ended his career.

He also doesn’t say much publicly. So, when Curtis Martin speaks, everybody listens. Recently, Martin did an interview with the Talk of Fame Sports Network.

First of all, he believes that the Jets will challenge for the division title, battling the rival Patriots:

“I think they’re going to challenge them this year,” he said. “They have ‘Cro’ (cornerback Antonio Cromartie) and (Darrelle) Revis back. They’re one of the few tandems in the NFL that slows Brady down. So I think that’s going to give them an advantage in comparison to last year. I (also) think Todd Bowles is good for the team.

But Curtis is not so high on incumbent quarterback, Geno Smith. He feels, as most of us do, that this is the year:

“Yes,” Martin said. “I don’t think Geno has shown he can get the job done. Now, a lot can happen in an offseason, and I think his commitment to the offseason is going to determine what he‘s able to do this year. (Former coach Bill) Parcells used to tell me, ‘You have two years to get it done, and three is the max.’ I believe this is Geno’s third year (so) he’s going to really have to produce. And if I was an owner of the team he would really have to produce to stay around.”

Curtis believes that if the defense plays well, adequate QB play will get the job done, and the Patriots will hear a lot of noise from our New York Jets.

Do you agree? Debate below…

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