2015 NFL Draft: New York Jets Trade Up for Marcus Mariota

By Alan Schechter

Let’s look at another mock draft.  Tonight, we are looking at the latest edition from our friends at NFL Mocks.  Writer Erik Lambert posted his latest, and this time, he has a great many trades in play here, and that includes the New York Jets.  Take a look at his mock trade:

And who do the Jets take with their new-found pick?  Marcus Mariota, of course!  Here are Lambert’s thoughts:

Nobody will know if Tennessee thought they could get Marcus Mariota after their minor move down because the New York Jets short circuit any such plans by jumping up to grab him. Geno Smith has had his chance. Ryan Fitzpatrick belongs at backup. Mariota is the last true starting-caliber quarterback in the 2015 class with plenty of physical skill for the Jets to mold.

Take a look at the entire mock by clicking here.

You guys know where I am going on this one. I don’t like it. In the top ten of the draft, you cannot make a mistake on a quarterback. Marcus Mariota is not it. Mariota has talent. He is not the guy that is going to come into the league and take it by storm. Not coming from an offense that was not even close to a pro style offense.

Even if you take Mariota in the best light possible, it still doesn’t make sense. Even being sold on Mariota does not make him worth three high picks. We can argue the need for a franchise quarterback, and the talent of Marcus Mariota. He is not worth committing three high picks to acquire.


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