2015 NFL Draft: New York Jets Move Up for Marcus Mariota

By Alan Schechter

Another mock draft for everyone to peruse, this time from Will Brinson of CBS Sports.

On Friday, Brinson released the third version of his mock draft.  He chose Marcus Mariota for the Jets, but not from the number six position.  In his draft, the Jets swap places with the Oakland Raiders, and choose Mariota with the fourth overall pick. It’s a preemptive strike to prevent Washington from choosing Marcus Mariota.  Here is what Brinson had to say:

The Jets fall for the smokescreen, get aggressive and leapfrog Washington to grab Mariota. The cost isn’t prohibitive because they’re only jumping two spots and they lock down their quarterback of the future who could theoretically play right away in a Chan Gailey offense. Cannot fathom a world in which Mariota falls out of the top five.

Take a look at the entire mock by clicking here.

The trade isn’t a bad one. In looking at the trade value chart, the fourth and the sixth pick are virtually the same value. It wouldn’t take a huge package to swap the two picks.

You know how I feel about Mariota. I don’t want to see him chosen by the Jets. He isn’t the guy, he is too much of a developmental project. If the Jets are convinced that Mariota is, I could see them moving up, and this could happen on draft day. The Raiders wouldn’t necessarily be in the market for Mariota, so when they are on the clock, they likely wouldn’t be adverse to swapping spots with the Jets.

I just, for one, see the potential of Mariota going sooner. I also would like to see the Jets go elsewhere with the pick.

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