Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota Highlights

By Alan Schechter

Time to take a break from all of the analysis and simply watch some football.

The two big quarterbacks in the draft have had their Pro days.  Both Marcus Mariota and now Jameis Winston have shown their abilities for NFL scouts and general managers alike.  The Jets have had a private workout with Marcus Mariota, and are reportedly planning one with Jameis Winston.

First, here is a video package of Jameis Winston, pulled from the last two seasons:

And finally, we have a package for the other guy. Marcus Mariota certainly amps up the discussion. Is he ready for the pros? Will Marcus Mariota make it? Does his skill set translate into the pro game? Is Mariota the future franchise quarterback for the New York Jets? Here is Mariota, pulled from his entire career:

This may be moot, as both guys may be gone by the time the New York Jets choose. It likely would take too much for the Jets to move up any higher to choose Mariota. You all know by now that if the Jets miss out on Mariota, it won’t upset me too much.

However, both Mariota and Winston clearly have talent, as evidenced on that tape above. Enjoy!

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