New York Jets to Stay in Florham Park for 2015 Training Camp

By Alan Schechter

It’s a new administration in town for the New York Jets.  With that, everything is changing, including the site of training camp.  Scenes like the above from SUNY Cortland are no more.

Just a short while ago, the New York Jets announced that they are keeping the team at their headquarters in Florham Park, NJ, for the upcoming 2015 training camp.  The Jets had spent five of the previous six training camps at Cortland, and were most gracious to the college for the use of their facilities over the last few years.  This is in keeping with most of the league, as currently, 21 out of the 32 NFL teams use their regular practice facilities for training camp.

It’s really not a surprise.  The facility is a state of the art football facility, there is no actual need to go out of town for training camp.  The Jets have a fabulous place to work, which is pretty fan accessible.  The old Jets are gone, there is nothing wrong with ushering in a new era with a new place for training camp.  Out with the old, in with the new as they say.

I understand there were many fans that were hoping the Jets would return to their roots on Long Island.  I get the sentiment, but the past is the past.

The Jets move along, right at home in Florham Park.

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