New York Jets Receive A- Grade in Free Agency

By Alan Schechter

The Jets have been active in free agency, and still, believe it or not, have room to do more.  According to Rich Cimini, the Jets still have $12 million to spend.  Some will be needed for the draft class, but it is safe to say that the Jets have done a good job so far.

ESPN’s Mike Sando released grades of every team in free agency (Insider subscription required), and he gave the Jets an A-.  Take a look:

The Jets reminded me a little bit of the 2014 Buccaneers in that they made a long list of moves that made sense for their first-year coach Todd Bowles and first-year general manager Mike Maccagnan. Also like those Bucs, the Jets remain without a top-tier quarterback, which makes it tougher for any team to maximize its moves.

“The Jets were a home run,” Polian said. “Skrine, Revis, Cromartie and Gilchrist fit perfectly. Marshall is a home run. Fitzpatrick is back with Chan Gailey, who he had the most success with in Buffalo. They really could not have done any better.”

Some of our analysts questioned how much the Jets paid Harris at inside linebacker, but that wasn’t enough to knock down the Jets’ grade.

“I think Marshall has a lot left in the tank and is a very nice pickup,” Williamson said. “He rubs people the wrong way, but I think he wants to win and is competitive. The secondary is now structured the same as it was for Bowles in Arizona, where he blitzed and played dime a ton. Revis is a better Patrick Peterson. Skrine is your nickel. Gilchrist is your do-it-all safety-corner type, a poor man’s Tyrann Mathieu. It worked for Arizona.”

Williamson worked with Bowles on the Browns during the Butch Davis years. Riddick worked with him on the Eagles in 2012. Both are fans.

“If there is a coach who you feel can integrate a bunch of diverse personalities, it will be Todd because guys respect the hell out of him,” Riddick said.

Isn’t it nice to see the Jets recognized for doing something right once in a while?

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