Geno Smith will Enter New York Jets Camp as the Starting QB

By Alan Schechter

For anyone that wanted to say an immediate goodbye to Geno Smith, not so fast.  He isn’t going anywhere, at least not right away.

This morning was the AFC Coaches Breakfast.  While there, Todd Bowles spoke with the media, and one of the topics on everyone’s mind was the Jets quarterback situation.  Take a look at this Tweet from Dom Cosentino:

Bowles says Geno will “start out getting the first-team reps” in training camp. Also: “You want to stay first-team, you do your job.”

— dom cosentino (@domcosentino) March 24, 2015

Bowles went on to say that he would be “lying” if he said that the first team reps will be split between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith. So, Geno will begin the camp as the starting quarterback. It really isn’t surprising, as Geno Smith is the incumbent, and has been here. Giving the reps to Geno Smith at the beginning is actually fairly logical.

That being said, Fitzpatrick can win the job. Bowles did say that you have to keep your job on first string. Nobody is going to be handed the gig, and that is a good sign.

But for now, Geno Smith is the starting quarterback. We will see if Smith can hold onto the job, or if he will lose it to Fitzpatrick.

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