2015 NFL Draft: Marcus Mariota to the New York Jets Once Again

By Alan Schechter

Time to look at another mock draft.  This time we are looking at the weekly draft from the mother ship of our network, Fansided.  Each week until the draft, the NFL division of Fansided features a mock draft, and this is the one for the week, written by Luke Dahlgren.

And who did he choose for the New York Jets with the sixth pick?  It’s a familiar refrain.  Maybe you have heard of him….

Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

The rumors of Philadelphia trading up to the sixth pick to pick up Mariota died when they traded Nick Foles for Sam Bradford, a player who is held together by Elmer’s Glue Sticks and struggles to complete checkdowns. In that case, the Jets stay at six, and they pick their replacement for Geno Smith. Mariota’s two-way play, accuracy and decision-making would give the Jets a dangerous offensive centerpiece. The major negative is his inexperience in a pro-style offense.

This pick was almost Clemson’s Vic Beasley, who is perhaps the draft’s best defensive playmaker and would help the Jets atone for Vernon Gholston.

Take a look at his entire draft by clicking here.

I really wish he had chosen Vic Beasley, because I would be telling the world how much I love the pick. But, it is another choice on the Marcus Mariota bandwagon. You know how I feel by now. As for the analysis above, we don’t know about his decision-making, because the offense he ran didn’t have Mariota make a lot of reads. His accuracy is good, but not good enough yet to be a big-time NFL starter.

As I showed the other day, look at Mariota’s pro-day footage. He doesn’t put the ball in exactly the right place on every throw. He just doesn’t. Marcus Mariota has a lot of potential, but he should not be the number six pick in the draft.

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