New York Jets Fans Petition for Fireman Ed’s Return

By Alan Schechter

MetLife Stadium is a terrific place to watch a Jets game. Walking out of the corridor out to your seats, seeing the team warming up, is a great beginning to a Sunday afternoon. When the Jets come running out of the tunnel in their home stadium, it doesn’t get much better.

But something has been missing. Our J-E-T-S cheer has been missing. Yes, the Jets have attempted to recreate it with video boards, drum lines, and guest fans. But it hasn’t been the same. Fireman Ed hasn’t been there.

Well New York Jets fans want to change that.

The folks that brought us “” have come together again, but this time to bring back a tradition. They have created “, where they remind us all that Woody Johnson may own the Jets, but the fans own the cheer. There are video clips of the cheer from days gone by, and most importantly, there is a petition to sign. The petition is for Fireman Ed’s return, and has gained great support in the fan base. As of the writing of this post, the petition had 1,615 signatures.

It’s great to see the support coming out in favor of Fireman Ed. If you haven’t attended games when Fireman Ed was there, or you are too young, you don’t know what you missed. Fireman Ed injected an excitement into MetLife Stadium, and Giants Stadium before that, which cannot be recreated by guests, or marching bands. It just can’t. The “J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!” chant would echo, and just give the Jets a home field advantage they haven’t had since he left.

Fireman Ed left because of a group of rude, rogue fans that felt it was best to take out their frustrations with the team on the biggest fan. Fireman Ed basically left to preserve his safety. To see the fans understanding what Fireman Ed brings to the table is quite exciting. Ed personally is a great guy. The petition may not be enough to get him back, but the more fans sign it, you never know.

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