New York Jets Updated Salary Cap Situation

By Alan Schechter

The Jets have done a lot of work over the last couple of days, re-tooling the roster on both sides of the football. They have filled major needs, and the Jets will not look like the same team they ended the season with. Yes, some of it will look like the Jets of years past, but the 2014 New York Jets have been overhauled, no question about it.

But doing all this work must take a toll on the salary cap, right? The Jets had a lot of room going into the off-season, but how are they doing now? Let’s take a look.

First of all, we have the Jets salary cap number as a whole. Per the NFLPA, including carry over cap, not used from last year, the cap number for the Jets is $156.149 million. That’s the amount the Jets have in total to meet, including all contracts. They went in without approximately $55 million available to spend.

Here are the new signings and the cap hit, courtesy of Over the Cap:

We don’t have the structure on the Antonio Cromartie deal as of the writing of this post, although the deal is reportedly four years and at least $32 million.  So, we do not include that number in the total here because we don’t know the cap hit yet.

That puts the Jets at a shade over $140 million against the cap.  Assuming the calculations are correct, that leaves the Jets around $16 million, not including the deal for Antonio Cromartie.  Keep in mind that they freed up $10.5 million with the release of Percy Harvin, as none of his salary for 2015 was guaranteed.

As more details on the contracts come out, these numbers are subject to change.

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