Report: Antonio Cromartie Down to the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals

By Alan Schechter

Yesterday was a big day for the New York Jets.  Could today be just as big?

Reports surfaced last night that the Jets were in talks with Antonio Cromartie, and negotiations were taking place most of the night.  Well, no deal is done yet, but they are still talking.  The word is this morning that the decision is down to the Jets and the Cardinals.  A signing of Antonio Cromartie would mean a reunion of the Jets backfield with Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis together.  That would certainly be a coup for Jets fans, wouldn’t it?

Cromartie makes sense.  Cromartie wants to be in New York, and he loved playing for Todd Bowles in Arizona.  The Jets need cornerbacks by the billion, and Cromartie has good years left.  A move like this just makes sense.  He, along with Revis, will revitalize the defense, and reenergize a fan base that has become tired of losing.

Earlier, Cromartie stated that he didn’t think that any team would be able to bring in both himself, and Darrelle Revis.  It turns out that the Jets signed Revis, and have an excellent shot at Cromartie.  We will see soon enough if Cromartie can be proven wrong.

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