New York Jets to Trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick if Texans Sign Brian Hoyer

By Alan Schechter

More news coming out in the land of the New York Jets.  Take a look:

NFL: Indirect incentive based signing. IF the Houston Texans sign Brian Hoyer, then the Texans will trade Ryan Fitzpatrick to New York Jets.

— ADJ Sports (@ADJSports) March 11, 2015

It sounds like, from the reports yesterday, that Brian Hoyer is going to sign with the Texans. It sounds like Fitzpatrick will be a member of the Jets, fairly soon afterwards. Multiple reports have indicated that the Jets and Texans are well into the trade talks, and the deal could happen quickly after the Hoyer signing.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a mediocre quarterback at best. I don’t know that we can expect him to come in here and set the world on fire. That being said, Chan Gailey will be key, should this trade become a reality. Fitzpatrick gave the NFL world his best work under Gailey, and these are the expectations that will be out there for Fitzpatrick this time around.

We do know that Fitzpatrick is the best of the mediocre group out there to give competition to Geno Smith, so we will welcome the opportunity to see him play in training camp. We will follow this story all day long.

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