New York Jets Fan Poll: The Brandon Marshall Trade, The Results

By Alan Schechter

Jets fans have spoken once again, and we have the results.  This time, the topic was the Brandon Marshall trade.

Semi-regularly this off-season, we have been presenting fan polls here, regarding the Jets off-season moves, decisions, etc.  This time, we brought you a poll regarding the big trade, bringing Brandon Marshall to the New York Jets in return for a fifth round draft pick.

We asked how you feel about the move.  Do you love it?  Certainly, Brandon Marshall has had a wonderful career in the NFL.  Marshall was money for 1,000 yards per season, before his injury that cut 2014 short.  Marshall is about as good as they come, and has good years left.  Do you like the move?  Do you have concerns about his past?  Here are the results:

Love it. Can’t wait to see him play in Green and White.

(66%, 77 Votes)

Like it, but worried about bringing in a 30+ wide receiver.

(18%, 21 Votes)

Like it, but worried about him behaving himself.

(15%, 18 Votes)

Hate it.

(1%, 1 Votes)


I am with the majority here when it comes to Brandon Marshall.  Marshall is a terrific football player.  I do have some concerns about his past, but they seem to be in the past.  This has been my favorite move of the offseason so far, and yes, that includes Darrelle Revis.

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