Report: Kyle Wilson will Not be Back in 2015

By Alan Schechter

If this report is true, the news is something New York Jets fans will see as long overdue.

According to a report from Kimberley Martin, Jets reporter from Newsday, cornerback Kyle Wilson will not be resigned by the Jets, and he will become a free agent on March 10th. 

There was great hope for Kyle Wilson when he was drafted in the 2010 first round, but his career with the Jets has been average at best.  The Jets were looking for a young starter to play opposite Darrelle Revis, but what they had in Wilson was a guy that couldn’t cover anyone on the outside, and only showed average ability as a slot corner.

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Over his career to date, Wilson has posted 162 tackles and three interceptions, but is more known for wagging his finger in the face of opposing receivers after he finished interfering with them.  These penalties often did not go unseen by the refs.  I have been known to comment that the “Wilson” should have been removed from his jersey and replaced with “Pass Interference”.  Why not?  The refs said it enough times anyway.

Show of hands, is anyone really going to be upset if Kyle Wilson is not on the roster in 2015?  Don’t all jump at once.

As my friends and I like to say at work, “OK Bye!”  See ya Kyle.