NFL Combine: Shane Ray Will Not Work Out

By Alan Schechter

If Shane Ray is to be the object of the Jets affections, they will have to take a look at him on his Pro Day, which to date is not set.

According to a published report, Shane Ray will not be working out tomorrow when the defensive linemen and linebackers take the field in Indianapolis for the Combine. Per Ray, he sustained a foot injury during the team’s bowl game that will force him to sit out. He will be ready to perform drills at his Pro Day.

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Ray is a player that is figuring to be a high pick in the draft, as we all know that edge pass rushers are at a premium in the NFL. Ray is predicted by most to go in the top ten, while some mocks have chosen him for the Jets with the number six pick. A stellar pro day will be in order for Shane Ray to keep his stock up.

To me, it’s always a shame when players don’t, or can’t, perform at the Combine. The Pro Day is dictated by the player, I like seeing a guy perform when he doesn’t know what is coming, so it is more like a game situation. Shane Ray is talented, and more elements come into play, but the Combine is important too. Hopefully we will get a good showing from Shane Ray when Missouri’s Pro Day comes up.