New York Jets: Most Important Need in Free Agency, Poll Results

By Alan Schechter

Jets fans have a lot to say, that’s what makes us such a great fan base. We all have our thoughts on what would make the Jets better. We all have a plan to make the Jets successful, and Jets fans are among to most passionate in the entire sport. That is what makes me proud to be the leader of this forum for all of you.

A few days ago, I started another one of our off-season fan polls. This time I asked which position is the most important for the Jets in free agency? In order for the free agency period to be successful, which position, in your minds, so the Jets absolutely have to add to?

Well, Jets fans have spoken, and here are the results:


(47%, 54 Votes)


(16%, 18 Votes)

Offensive Line

(16%, 18 Votes)


(14%, 16 Votes)

  • Wide Receiver (8%, 9 Votes)
  • Jets fans have made their opinion known, and it is decisive.  Jets fans want to make sure that they make a move to improve the cornerback spot.  It’s understandable, as we saw the Jets get torched on the outside almost every week of 2014.  The free agent class is deep, especially at the cornerback position.  The Jets could conceivably come out with two quality cornerbacks from the free agent period.

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    One reader made a good point, that maybe edge pass rusher might be the way to go in free agency.  Admittedly it was not in the poll, but it was essentially a write-in vote, and a good one.  One of the easiest ways to create turnovers, which the Jets had difficulty doing, is a strong pass rush off the edge.  A big time pass rusher could take the Jets front seven to the next level.

    Thanks for voting, we will have another poll soon.

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