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2015 NFL Draft: New York Jets Choose Marcus Mariota in Mel Kiper’s Latest Mock


The NFL off-season is in full swing, so that means ESPN’s Mel Kiper, Jr. is hard at work prepping for the NFL draft, and has recently released his latest mock draft (Insider subscription required). There is a lot of love around the experts for Marcus Mariota, and many have him going to the Jets in their latest drafts. Here is Kiper’s thoughts about Mariota to the Jets:

It’s not a given that Mariota couldn’t fall further than this. But in his second season in New York, Geno Smith put up a QBR of 35.4, meaning the only regular starting QB from 2014 who performed worse was Blake Bortles. The reality is New York is no closer to knowing who their potential long-term solution at QB is than they were after the second day of the 2013 NFL draft. I’m certainly not alone in wondering whether Mariota’s brilliance in the Oregon offense makes him a likely star at the NFL level, but when you combine his skill set and his tremendous athletic ability combined with a great temperament and work ethic, he’s a player worthy of placing a bet on at this stage. It’s not so much a question of whether the Jets are convinced he’s the answer, as it is whether it would be smart to pass on him and assume they can find a solution anywhere else.

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You know how I feel about Mariota by now. It’s interesting, that although Kiper has the Jets choosing Mariota, he mentions in the last line about passing on him and if they can assume they can “find a solution anywhere else”. I believe they can, and that Mariota is not a good value at number six. He is too much of a prospect. You can’t miss with a quarterback at number six. It happened with Mark Sanchez. Although he won some huge games, he wasn’t the answer, and it set the organization back.

Marcus Mariota is not worth that gamble at number six.

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