New York Jets Fan Poll: Top Returning Free Agent

By Alan Schechter

OK Jets fans, it’s time for another fan poll.  Tonight, I want to hear from you guys once again.

Earlier today, Mike Nash wrote about the key free agents from the Jets roster.  Who should come back, and who should the Jets part ways with?  Look at the post from Mike earlier, he has strong opinions on the situation.

Now, I want to hear from you guys.  We have talked about the Jets top priority in the upcoming draft, with the majority interest being to fix the quarterback position.  Now, which of the Jets free agents is the most important for Mike Maccagnan to resign?

Maybe the Jets should bring back David Harris.  He may be 31, but he has been a stout member of the Jets defense since 2007.  Harris is still going strong, posting over 120 tackles in each of the last three seasons.  Should the Jets make bringing back David Harris at top priority?

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He may be only a restricted free agent, but maybe the Jets highest priority should be to sign Damon Harrison to a long-term deal.  We love “Snacks”, right?  He has shot up the charts to become a star nose tackle for the Jets, becoming nearly unstoppable against the run.  Do the Jets prioritize keeping the Jets three “sons” together?

What about Bilal Powell?  He is not the best running back that the Jets have, but he contributes in all areas, with his quickness, his ability to catch the ball, and his blocking ability.  Maybe the Jets should make sure Bilal Powell is back in the fold?

There are others, like Michael Vick, Dawan Landry, and Jaiquwan Jarrett.  Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles have a lot of important decisions to make in the upcoming weeks.

Who do you think the Jets need to retain the most?  Vote below, and if you choose “other”, please indicate your choice in the comments:

Who is the free agent that the jets need to resign the most?

Damon Harrison

(69%, 83 Votes)

David Harris

(23%, 27 Votes)

Bilal Powell

(4%, 5 Votes)

Other (specify in comments)

(3%, 4 Votes)

Dawan Landry

(1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 120

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