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2015 NFL Draft: New York Jets Choose Marcus Mariota in Todd McShay Mock Draft


Most of us are familiar with the work of Todd McShay. He, along with Mel Kiper Jr., cover the NFL draft from every possible angle, every NFL off-season. McShay and Kiper will be releasing their mock drafts and speculation right up until the draft begins in late April.

Well, McShay has recently put out his second mock draft of this young off-season (Insider subscription required). McShay feels that Marcus Mariota slips out of the top five, and Mike Maccagnan doesn’t let him go by. Here are his thoughts:

Mariota could slide even further than this on draft day, but I think this pick makes sense for the Jets given their need at QB and the presence of Chan Gailey at offensive coordinator. Gailey can adapt his scheme to any QB and has a history with spread-formation offenses, so he’s capable of providing Mariota with a smooth transition to the NFL from his up-tempo spread system at Oregon. Mariota has rare athleticism for the QB position (including prototypical size) and outstanding intangibles, but his one area of concern — consistently being able to win from the pocket — is the most important trait you need to succeed at the NFL level. So how a team caters its approach to him and develops him as an accurate passer from the pocket will be critical.

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You know how I feel about this pick by now, I hate it. McShay even mentions why I hate it, when he says that is one area of concern is “consistently being able to win from the pocket.” I agree. Mariota is not a pocket passer, his footwork and therefore his accuracy is not there yet. A quarterback in the NFL has to be able to win from the pocket. I don’t buy that Chan Gailey is going to fix him. Mariota may work out to be a good NFL quarterback, but he has a lot of work to do, and he is not worth the number six pick.

I hope that McShay is wrong, and Mariota does not fall to the Jets.

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