2015 NFL Draft: New York Jets Take Amari Cooper

By Alan Schechter

Good evening Jets fans. As we begin the off-season, we continue our preparation for the NFL draft. The Jets are getting ready, so we are getting ready as well, by taking a look at the predictions coming out in the various mock drafts, and seeing what we think from a Jets perspective.

Tonight, we are looking at one from another one of our Fansided family members, With the First Pick. You can probably tell by the name, but these guys focus only on the NFL draft, with mock drafts, as well as scouting reports on the prospects.

Here is a recent mock draft that they released. You can tell by the title who the Jets chose with the sixth pick of the draft, but here he is…….

Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

There’s no 1st-round quarterbacks left so the New York Jets have to give Geno Smith one more year. While doing so, they need to give him another target to go along with Eric Decker.

You can take a look at their entire mock draft by clicking here.

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It’s a pick that Jets fans will love, and with good reason. Cooper is a big play wide receiver, the best available in the draft, and as a rookie he will not costly nearly the amount that Percy Harvin will. It’s certainly not a pick that will disappoint. I still could see the Jets going offensive lineman up here at number six. We have talked many times about the importance there.

But, this would certainly be a good draft round for the Jets if it plays out this way.


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