Warren Sapp Arrested For Soliciting a Prostitute

By Alan Schechter

He has a bust in Canton, but now he also has a mug shot in Phoenix.

First broken by TMZ, Warren Sapp was arrested at 7 AM in Phoenix on a charge of soliciting a prostitute. Sapp was also charged with assault.

Sapp was arrested in Miami on an alleged domestic battery charge in 2014, and had a previous domestic charge that was dropped back in 2010.

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Sapp may be looking for work as well. TMZ noted, and a search confirmed, that Warren Sapp has been removed from the On-Air Talent section of the NFL Network website. Sapp was in Phoenix working for the network for the Super Bowl, and has been with the all NFL all the time channel for years. There has been no confirmation as to whether or not Sapp has been fired from the NFL Network as of yet, but being removed from the website is a strong sign that a change is coming.

If it’s true, good job by the NFL Network letting him go. Warren Sapp was a terrific football player during his time, but if we are talking about a guy on the air, character should count for something. I am sure this is a story we will hear much more about as the days go by.