New York Jets: 100-1 Odds to Win Super Bowl 50

By Alan Schechter

Well, Jets fans, if you are a betting man/woman, and you have some blind faith in our beloved New York Jets, you could put your money down now and potentially make a killing this time next year.

Bovada has released the early betting lines for next year’s Super Bowl winner. The Seahawks are the favorites, getting 5-1 odds, followed by the Patriots coming in at 7-1. One would assume that the Seahawks get the early nod because Tom Brady isn’t getting any younger. The odds will obviously change as time goes by.

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The Jets, however, come in at quite a bit longer odds to win. The Jets are tied for second to last, coming in at 100-1. The only two teams with longer odds are the Jaguars and the Raiders, both coming in with 200-1 odds.

This should come as no surprise, as the Jets have quite a few holes to fill on the roster. But, for anyone who doesn’t know, a $1 bet would pay out at $100 with those odds. Stranger things have taken place. If you feeling putting just $1 down, it could turn out well next winter.

It would take a lot for that bet to pay out, but it could happen. The oddsmakers just don’t think so.