New York Jets Looking to Bring Darrelle Revis Back to New York, Says ESPN Report

By Alan Schechter

Darrelle Revis is a man that Jets fans grew to love, and afterwards grew to hate. Well, if Adam Schefter’s report comes to fruition, we might just get to love Revis once again.

Per Schefter, the Jets are working on ways to bring Darrelle Revis back into the fold:

The Jets are expected to pursue Revis to see if they can bring him back to New York, sources told ESPN. The Jets have already been preparing how to best make their run at Revis.

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According to Schefter, Rex Ryan is also quite interested in having the Bills bring Revis up to Buffalo, which should come to no surprise. Revis’ best success in the NFL came with Rex Ryan as his head coach, when “Revis Island” became a household term, and a place no receiver wanted to spend their weekends.

I honestly have mixed feelings about a Darrelle Revis reunion. Obviously, the Jets have the need for him. He has never been replaced, and the secondary is probably the worst unit on the team. But, we cannot forget how Revis likes to hold team’s budgets hostage. He held out several times before, there is no reason to believe he won’t do it again. Darrelle Revis wants to get paid, and hasn’t yet put any other factor above money on his priority list.

Is the short-term success worth the long-term headaches if Revis were to return? I’m torn.

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