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Super Bowl 49: Commercial Preview, Kim Kardashian and Mercedes-Benz

By Alan Schechter

The biggest day of the year is nearly upon us, Super Bowl 49. It’s the day that everyone gets together with family and friends to enjoy a good bite to eat and huddle in front of the TV to watch the big game. And I do mean everyone. More people tune in to watch the Super Bowl than to see this country elect a president. That’s the power of Super Bowl Sunday.

Many of us sit down to watch the big game. We also sit down to watch the commercials. They are hyped up almost as much as the game itself. Rumors leak as to the commercials that will air, we watch them, and even see the experts rate them the morning after. Millions of dollars are spent to reserve ad space during the biggest game of the season, and companies pull out all of the stops.

Well, we have two of the commercials, to air Sunday, right here. Isn’t that exciting?

The first is for T-Mobile, with Kim Kardashian featured, and surprisingly enough, kind of funny:

You all know the race between the “Tortoise and the Hare” right? Well, in this upcoming ad for Mercedes-Benz, the Tortoise takes over in a very modern way:

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I personally like them both, and I didn’t think I would like one from Kim.

There should be many more commercial leaks to come, before the big game, Super Bowl 49.

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