Super Bowl 49: Marshawn Lynch Is “Here So He Won’t Get Fined”

By Alan Schechter

“Beast Mode” is in Phoenix for the Super Bowl, ladies and gentlemen. Marshawn Lynch is ready to go, but not so much for media day.

We know that Marshawn Lynch has had his trouble with performing his duties with the media. Lynch’s wallet has gotten lighter on more than one occasions, thanks to his antics. Well, today is Super Bowl Media Day, as we all know, and the players have responsibilities to appear and talk to the press.

Well, Marshawn Lynch performed his duties as per the rules. He wanted to show up so he wouldn’t get fined. That’s about the only reason he showed up. Check out the video from Media Day:

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See? “Beast Mode” is so nice to everyone isn’t he? I guess Lynch made his intentions perfectly clear. He was not getting fined, and he had no problem telling everyone, over and over again. He didn’t even want the reporters to have a problem for not getting their questions in. The press did their job, and Lynch did his.

Technically, the rules don’t say you have to be cordial in your answers, you just have to show up.

Was it really classy of Lynch? No. But it was funny, and he did play by the rules.

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