Super Bowl 49: Best of Media Day

By Alan Schechter

Super Bowl week is in full swing, football fans. Both teams are out in Phoenix, AZ, preparing for the biggest game of the season. Not withstanding the off of the field issues that are occurring, today was “media day”. Basically, thousands of media personnel descend on the site of the game, where all of the players and coaches are spread out across the field, set to answer media questions. As we all learned from Marshawn Lynch, there can be fines imposed if you don’t show up for Media Day, so everyone is in attendance.

Even fans pay to get into the building to watch all of the media festivities.

Well, we have highlights from the Media Day sessions for both teams. For anyone not aware, one takes the field for a period of time, and the opponent takes over.

Here are the highlights, first from the New England Patriots:

And now, the media day highlights from the sessions with the Seattle Seahawks:

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Clearly, the festivities are underway. Some of the players take the day a bit differently than others, but they are all there for the world to see.

Super Bowl 49 is not far on the horizon, and has the potential to be a really good one.