New York Jets: The Missing Pieces Report

By Alan Schechter

Every year, all of the teams that didn’t make it to the big game get to work on getting there in 2015. Some teams are one or two players away, while some are rebuilding and are much further than that. The New York Jets are going through that process, with general manager Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles evaluating the roster and making their initial decisions on how to proceed forward.

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So how close are the Jets? Well, our friends at Pro Football Focus, like they have done for a lot of things, have figured out a system to calculate that answer. ESPN posted the findings, here is how PFF went about it:

What makes a Super Bowl contender? When Pro Football Focus analyzed the 28 teams that played in the conference championship games for the 2007 to 2013 seasons, it found that, on average, 40 percent of those rosters were composed of good/elite players (you had to play 250-plus snaps to qualify). Using that methodology, PFF determined how many above-average players stood between your team and contending for this year’s Super Bowl.

So, based on that system, the Jets were ranked 14th in the league, needing eight above-average players to be a Super Bowl contender.

Take a look at the entire post here.

I came up with quarterback, one wide receiver, two cornerbacks, right tackle, right guard, and free safety. I get seven. What do you guys think of the Jets assessment?

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