Deflate Gate: Robert Kraft Hopes For an Apology for Patriots Investigation

By Alan Schechter

The Patriots have arrived in Phoenix for Super Bowl 49, and things got interesting tonight.

For those of you that missed it, Robert Kraft spoke to the media from a prepared statement, and he took an aggressive stance on the Deflate Gate investigation:

“If the Wells investigation is not able to definitely determine that our organization tampered with the air pressure in the footballs, I would expect and hope the league would apologize to our entire team and in particular coach Belichick and Tom Brady for what they have had to endure the last week. I am disappointed in the way the entire matter has been handled and reported upon,” Kraft said.

Is Robert Kraft really that crazy? I mean, he takes on the NFL directly with that statement. He basically says, “I don’t think we did it. Prove it, or apologize for even asking.” Come on Kraft. Granted, there have been conflicting reports as to what the differences were in the PSI of those footballs exactly. But it’s pretty obvious that something happened to them. Bill Belichick gave an explanation over the weekend that nobody really believed, was debunked by some, and not understood by most. Then we have the report that the league is focusing on a locker room attendant, seen taking the balls from the ref’s locker room to a separate room before taking them to the field.

If that can be proven, does anyone really think that a rogue equipment guy did that on his own? Come on Kraft, snap out of it. If that is true, one of the two people that said they know nothing, ordered it. Period. It takes huge stones to take on the league like that.

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Could Robert Kraft be that confident? Despite growing evidence, does he believe in his heart of hearts that the NFL has nothing? Or does he think that his friend Roger Goodell won’t do anything about it?

I still believe this is open and shut, but time will tell.

One thing is for sure, a lot of interest will be on that Ted Wells report when it comes out.

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