New York Jets: Todd Bowles Defense, Highlights

By Alan Schechter

Todd Bowles has been introduced as the head coach of the New York Jets. He and Mike Maccagnan are in place, ready to take the New York Jets into the future.

There has been a lot of talk about what Todd Bowles is going to bring. Bowles is known for his ability to coach defense, as he was able to keep the Cardinals near or at the top of the NFL, despite the fact that he had significant injuries on this watch. His guys bought into a system, and that system clearly works. We saw it on the field.

Instead of talking about it more let’s take a look at it in action. Let’s see some highlights of Bowles defense in action. I was able to locate some tape from the 2013 Cardinals, so let’s take a look:

(Note: Could not locate a highlight package that featured the defense in 2014.)

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There are two things to be excited about when you watch the Bowles defense. The first is that they attack the quarterback. They come at you from every direction, and are relentless. The Jets have a terrific front seven, we should expect a lot of them.

The Bowles defense also attacks the football, something we haven’t seen out of the Jets in a long time.

If Todd Bowles can reach this team, the defense will be exciting again.

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